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  • StoryCorps featuring NSG members!

    Posted 03/28/19

    Check out this great story featuring NSG member Lee Slater reminiscing with his PhD advisor Andy Binley!  

  • Community email listserve

    Posted 12/18/18

    During the AGU meeting, several of us discussed how a community listserve would be a great way to engage with the community and reach colleagues easily. Signing up is super quick, and everyone is welcome. Details can be found at

  • Fall meeting business meeting


    It was a great fall meeting! Thanks to the whole community! Our outgoing president Sarah Kruse presented the following presentation at the Near Surface Business Meeting Luncheon. Please look it over and especially take note of opportunities to get engaged with our group.    

  • Near Surface Social, Wed 5PM

    Posted 12/11/18

    Please attend the  “unofficial” Near Surface Social at the Fall Meeting at the City Tap House, 5 PM Wednesday Dec. 12. Connect with colleagues, catch up with friends! This is a word of mouth event, please pass this along.

  • Student & Early Career Reception Tickets!

    Posted 12/06/18

    Near-Surface Section students and early career scientists who could not get tickets to the Near-Surface Geophysics Early Career/Student reception on Thursday night at AGU should email Robert Rader by Friday, to get added to the event.

  • 0 OSPA Presentations need Judges!

    Posted 12/04/18

    Thanks for everyone signing up to judge and participate in the Outstanding Student Presentation Award. Judges, remember to check your OSPA schedule and submit your feedback by 21 December.    

  • AGU Election Results

    Posted 10/18/18

    AGU election results are in! Full results can be found here. For Near Surface Geophysics the results are as follows: President-elect: Burke J. Minsley Secretary: Kisa Mwakanyamale Thanks to everyone who voted and ran!

  • Photos

    Posted 09/07/18

    We need some fresh photos for our website! Please send me pictures of field work, data visualisation, lab experiments, etc that would like to get added to our front page image display. Additionally, Research Highlight submissions are also very welcome and can be used to increase the visibility of your new exciting projects! Thanks!

  • AGU Elections!

    Posted 08/28/18

    Please take a few minutes to vote in the AGU Near-Surface Geophysics election. You should have received a link to vote in your AGU official email account.

  • Fall Meeting Deadline

    Posted 07/26/18

    The fall meeting deadline is fast approaching, submit by August 1st! NSG sessions NS001 Advances and Revelations from Geophysical Exploration and Observation in the Cryosphere NS002 Advances in Exploration Geophysics NS003 Agricultural Geophysics NS004 A Tour of Open-Source Software Packages for the Geosciences NS005 Cosmic-Ray Muon Tomography: An Emerging Technique for Imaging and Monitoring Large […]

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