Letter from our NSG president

The Fall Meeting in New Orleans brought some invigorating changes to our annual gathering. AGU clearly recognized the importance of Near-Surface Geophysics by placing our posters in the first row in the hall! We had great sessions on landslides, hydrogeophysics, induced seismicity, airborne geophysics, exploration geophysics, anthropogenic targets, and open-source software. We took advantage of new formats available, including Lightning talks (2 minutes) to introduce posters. A highlight for me was a fascinating panel discussion on open-source software. Thanks to all the session organizers, participants, and especially Andy Parsekian for organizing!
We swapped some San Francisco quirks for some New Orleans ones. Instead of running across the traffic intersection between the two Moscone Centers, we found ourselves running back and forth along an apparently infinitely long convention center. We exchanged our sit-down luncheon for a wilder fest at Mardi Gras World. And our student rep Matt Sirianni found a perfect replacement for the Near-Surface/Hydrogeophysics social gathering–it was like the Hotel Utah but less squished. Thank you,
The Executive Committee met on Wednesday. We want to grow NS sessions for next year by mixing up some Exec Comm energy with our usual “grassroots” session organizing. Please think about sessions you would like to see (and help organize). Please contact
me and Andy with suggestions. We would love to get your feedback about what you liked and didn’t like about NS in New Orleans. I
, for one, was happy to let go of the historical alphabetical ordering of posters but would like to see our posters get lumped in with the Earth Surface theme in the future. Suggestions for Washington, D. C.? Any activities in the meantime?
Happy New Year!
Sarah Kruse President, NS Section (We are all sections now.)