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Open Near-Surface Data Sets

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Public Domain and Free & Open Source Software (FOSS)

  • cmocean – Beautiful colormaps for oceanography.
  • fatiando a terra – An open-source Python library for modeling and inversion in geophysics.
  • Lemma – Lemma is an electromagnetics modelling API written in C++-14
  • Madagascar – An open-source software package for multidimensional data analysis and reproducible computational experiments.
  • MARE2DEM – a parallel adaptive finite element code for 2D forward and inverse modeling for electromagnetic geophysics
  • MODFLOW –  Released by the USGS, considered an international standard for simulating and predicting groundwater conditions and groundwater/surface-water interactions.
  • Occam – CSEM and MT modelling and inversion
  • OpenGeoSys – Modelling of coupled processes
  • PyGIMLi – An open-source multi-method library for solving inverse and forward tasks related to geophysical problems
  • SimPEG – An open source python package for simulation and gradient based parameter estimation in geophysical applications
  • USGS Earthquake hazards program software downloads

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