Message from the new Near-Surface Geophysics Section Student Representative Seth Campbell

I’m excited to join the executive committee of the NSFG as the student representative beginning this September. I am a 1st year PhD student at the University of Maine and I primarily use geophysics for glaciological, permafrost, and Army research. I’ve been a college student for 13 years and there is running joke at UMaine of whether I’ll gain tenure because I’ve been a student for so long! This said, I’ve also worked for a variety of science and geophysics organizations over the past decade. My experiences have provided a unique glimpse at the options available for geophysics students both in the educational and professional realm. As the new student representative, my primary goal is to help foster and grow connections between NSFG students and the professional world. I look forward to working with each of you over the next two years and will start posting my plans and ideas on the WIKI in the near future. Please feel free to contact me at any time.