Student Spotlights

Student Spotlight articles feature the ambitious, energetic, and ongoing student efforts in near surface geophysics.  These articles can be found at the end of the section’s monthly newsletter and are also achieved below.  The purpose of these works is to help connect students with others who have similar research interests, inspire future cooperative research, and find out more about what is going on in the near surface research community.

If you or someone you know should be highlighted for their outstanding work, please contact Matt Sirianni to set up an interview!


February – Rebekah R. Lee, Boise State University, permafrost applications of near-surface seismic

March – Robin Glas, Syracuse University, ERT and surface seismic

April – Fan Zhang, University of Kansas, NMR and SIP

June – Kirk Scanlan, University of Alberta, GPR

July – Matt Sirianni, Florida Atlantic University, GPR


January – Christine Downs, University of South Florida, electrical resistivity and GPR

February – Adam Mangel, Clemson University, GPR

March – Emily Voytek, Colorado School of Mines, self-potential and other electrical methods

April – Gabe Gribler, Boise State University, passive and active seismic

May – Andrea Creighton, University of Wyoming, NMR

June – Agostiny Lontsi, University of Potsdam, passive and active seismic

July – Megan Miller, Arizona State University, InSAR

September – Gordon Osterman, Rutgers University-Newark, NMR

October – Teddi Herring, University of Calgary, Canada, electrical resistivity

November – Folarin Kolawole, Oklahoma State University, seismic and electrical resistivity