NS Student Wiki

The Near Surface Student Wiki is up and running at ns-students.pbworks.com.  Now comes the most important part: it is time for all our student members to really get involved in shaping the wiki into a resource that is most useful to them. If you are a student member and haven’t yet visited the wiki, please go check it out.

Add your information to the Student Members List.  Take a look around the site, and feel free to add your own content wherever you like.  It is incredibly simple to edit pages, and your contributions do not need to be polished — even a short, one-sentence comment on how you would like to see something changed can seed other users act on that suggestion and implement your idea.

Remember, only student members currently have access to the wiki.  You can log on using the email address at which you receive the NSFG newsletter.  If you have problems accessing the page, contact Matt Sirianni.